Product Qty. Price Edit Total
Flexi Vibe R300.00 close R300.00
Taylor Vibrating Anal Massager R450.00 close R450.00
Emily R320.00 close R320.00
Mini Lips Bullet Vibe R550.00 close R550.00
Fitch Vibrating Anal Plug R450.00 close R450.00
Arvin R500.00 close R500.00
C String Panty R900.00 close R900.00
Kegel Tighten III R280.00 close R280.00
Amy R1,000.00 close R1,000.00
Vibrating Panty R650.00 close R650.00
Basic Training Gum Drops R100.00 close R100.00
Orgasmic Balls R650.00 close R650.00
Vibrating Nipple Clamps R500.00 close R500.00
CanWin Penis Pump R290.00 close R290.00
Kegel Tighten II R280.00 close R280.00
Wade Massage Wand R700.00 close R700.00
Estelle R800.00 close R800.00
Pearl R250.00 close R250.00
Michael Wand R1,200.00 close R1,200.00
Arnd R320.00 close R320.00
Pretty Love Antony R270.00 close R270.00
Sub-Total: R10,760.00

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